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Charm Women Body Spray | Sapil Charm Perfumed Body Spray For Women | Sapil Scents
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– Fragrance Family: Floral Woody Musk
– Top Note: Floral
– Heart Note: Floral
– Base Note: Woody Musky
– CBM/MC: 0.0621
– Packaging: 96 PCS/MC
– Capacity: 200ML
– Product Code: CHAR020001
– Gross Wt/MC: 20.05


Out of stock

Enhance your quality of delighting, attracting and fascinating others, throw your charm around you with the fascinating fragrance of Charm from Sapil. This beautiful Charm Women Body Spray perfume is an ode to happiness.

The perfume starts with soothing floral notes of rose and embraces floral sensuality in the heart. The musky woody base note lingers along as a reminiscence of your charm.

Charm is targeted at young ladies who are looking to make their impression in life.

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