You all will undoubtedly agree that women perfumes have certain age association. According to different studies our sense of smell evolves with time that also effects the selection of perfumes for women. There is a deep connection between scent selection and age. Although other factors like life experience and emotions may also affect the choice of best perfume for women in real life.

Do you think that scent can be either younger or older? Well to answer that question I would like to tell you that mostly fruity, sweet and floral scents are associated with teenagers while sophisticated accents are associated with mature people. There is no doubt that you can wear the scent of your choice anytime and anywhere. There are different women who like to go for different women perfumes based on the occasions and dress.

It is worth realizing that all of us should seek to age with grace. Age is a vital factor in choosing best perfume for women. Well teenage is the time when you do not even bothered about the fragrance you wore. Teenagers have no specific fragrance rule. Different studies have revealed that all the fruity, sweet and spicy fragrances are liked by the people who are enjoying their teenage. Sapil Lumio Women delivers a refreshing fruity vanilla fragrance for all the teens out there.

Once you leave your teenage it is time when you start taking life seriously and fragrances too. You get bold with your fragrance choice and go for more delicate scents. Sapil offer Chichi Women for all the ladies who would love floral fragrances. This captivating jasmine scent is the perfect choice. Sapil charm women also presents incredible rose scent for beautiful and charming lady.


When women enter their forties or fifties they start switching to more warm and soft scents. This is the time when many women have establishes their career and relationship. Rather than impressing other people they use perfumes to feel elegant. In this time women mostly prefer scents that are mature and good to smell.