Colognes are scent’s that people wear to enhance their charm and beauty. There is a vast variety of colognes available in the market. Everyday new designers and companies are introducing new colognes for men. When we talk about male fashion then today everyone is in need to choose the top cologne for men. But the point is that how do you know the right cologne for you?Many famous brands are also offering the top cologne for men at affordable rates. There are several ways to choose the best men cologne.

Tips to choose the top cologne for men

There are no hard and fast rules to choose the top cologne for men but if you buy smartly then it can bring charm in your personality and overall look. While choosing the best cologne for men use these tips when looking for top cologne for men. The tips to choose the best cologne for men are following

Make experiment before purchasing

We all have different skin types and combinations. Due to the difference it is vital that you try any scent before buying it. The best way to test any scent is to put some fragrance on your wrist, wait for few seconds then try to smell it. You can also take a sniff test but it is better to test over your skin to get an exact idea about the fragrance.

Our skin type can alter the way a scent may smell. This is the reason that you like a specific fragrance when you smell it but don’t like it when you take wrist test. Some scents are absorbed in the skin and vanish after few seconds while the others stay for a long period of time.

One important point that you should keep in mind while doing wrist scent test is number of scents that you try. Always avoid trying more than four scents in one row. Sometimes trying so many scents overloads your smell sense and you will not get an exact idea about the scents. In this case you can ask for a lotion or something that will remove the previous scent from your wrist.

If you buy from the department store or perfume shop then it would better to ask for tester colognes. Many shops have kept testers for top colognes for men so that people can test before they actually buy that product. Starting off with samples will enable you to get the best cologne for yourself.

Remember your skin type

It is a sad fact that many people are not familiar with the fact that your skin also affects your cologne or scent selection. If you have a dry skin then you need to choose scents that have high concentration. The reason for this is that if you choose something of low concentration for dry skin then it will dissolve into your skin and vanish. On the other hand people having oily skin will fit best with the low concentration scents because their skin will not absorb much. So it is important that you take your skin type into account while looking for top cologne for men.

Buy from Trustworthy source

It is very important that you choose the cologne from a trustworthy source. Sometimes many third party resellers offer bad products in the name of top colognes for men. The main disadvantage of buying these kinds of men’s colognes is wastage of money. Sometimes they also result in skin damage and diseases. There are so many online sources such as Sapil, amazon etc that offer the best services and top colognes for men.

Choose According to season

Choose cologne accordant to the seasons. There is no hard and fast rule to choose the top cologne for men according to season but if you do it can help you to stand out from the cloud. Our body chemistry changes according to the different seasons. So it is necessary that you choose a fragrance that works best according to the season.

Get an Idea from Online Reviews

It is a fact that finding the top cologne for men can be challenging but not impossible. Many authors and websites are dedicated to provide reviews about different perfumes and colognes online. You can give some time to online research to find the top cologne for men. You can read one or more detailed review about different colognes and their scents to get an idea about the product.

Get an Idea from customer ratings

Finding the top colognes for men from the online stores or shop is the best option for many people. Sometimes people do not want to spend a lot of money. In this case you can get help from the customer rating about the specific product. Before investing a huge amount on top colognes for men of famous brands it is also wise to get a deep insight about them.

Know about the scent families

Many top brands offer top colognes for men with wonderful scents and combinations. There are so many men’s colognes to choose from. The top companies offer many categories in men colognes that include woody, soft, spicy, floral and citrus etc. You can also choose men cologne having nice combinations of two scents such as floral and spicy. Always try to choose rich scents that have the best combination of woody, fresh and spicy notes in them.

So rather than going blindly to spend some money on the top cologne for men it is wise decision to know that which scent family will be good for you. It can be determined based on your taste and personality.


There is no doubt that choosing the top cologne for men can be challenging. All you need is to understand your personality and taste to choose the best. Always remember that if any fragrance smells great on your friend then it is not vital that it will also work for you. So next time when you will go outside to choose the top cologne for men do remember these tips.